Technical Specifications and Technical Guide

Válvula Termo Controladora Mash

Patent BR 10 2018 004025-1

PCT BR2019 050060

Blue: Device connected to the app and ready to start the process.

Blue blinking: Device on, waiting the connection with the app.

Green: Process running normally, it’s not necessary any intervention.

Green blinking: Process running normally, but it’s necessary some intervention of the user on the app.

Red: Leaking gas detected, identify the leak.

*Check if the flame is burning.

Red blinking: There was a leaking gas which was solved, now the user must restart the low fire. houve um vazamento de gás que pode ter sido solucionado, o usuário deve religar o Fogo Baixo.

  • Body in plastic ABS
  • Copper gas inlet and outlet
  • Stainless steel probe and nut 304
  • Wooden Height Adjustment Handle
  • Stainless steel wire rope

How to install your equipment

  1. Connect your Valve Mash at the high pressure gas hose between gas canister and the stove. Remembering, for safety, connect one manual gas valve to the gas hose. Follow the same direction pointed in the valve Mash for the directions of the hose. Watch out to not keep the valve near of the fire or expose directly to the sun. It’s recommended that the valve does not expose to temperatures higher than 113 Fahrenheit. Keep the valve airy, do not cover it. 

  2.  Put the thermometer in contact with the water. In case, you don’t have thermal well in your pan, you can use the height adjustment handle. For this, remove the nut stucked to the thermometer e put the coupler, pin the coupler back using the nut. Use the handler to adjust the height of the thermometer by the outside of the pan. The handler and the coupler kept together by magnetism and you can adjust the height in the middle of the process. Try to keep the half of the thermometer in contact with the water. Take care to the water to not enter in contact with the spring. 
  3.  Turn on your valve to the power plug by the power suply which folows the product or similiar. (input: 5V/2A – micro USB).

Tutorial of installation

Know a few simple solutions to facilitate and improve your process of brasswork

Try to keep the minimum height between the flame and bottom of the pan, at least 5,9 inches.

Protect yourself from bad events. Winds can turn off the flame and cause disorders to the process.

The valve can operate in high pressure systems, from 3,5atm to 10atm.

Should not use OPSO regulators (Over Pressure Shut Off) which offers pressures below the indications.

We recommend the use of UPSO regulators (Under Pressure Shut Off) because offer security in case the pipe get broken or there is any pressure drop in the gas line.

For your safety, only use high pressure pipe with ¼” (A quarter inches) and thick pipe wall.

We recommend the use of products from the line high pressure Maqenge.

Know more about high pressure pipes, clicking here.

Use stirring motor or recirculation pump to make sure your mixture will be always with a good and homogeneous temperature and improve the results of your brasswork.
You can use a recirculation pump together with false bottom or BIAB bag during the all process of mash.

Are you going to make beer and have no power around? Use an external 5 Volt DC charger by simply plugging it into the valve’s USB-b socket.

Average consumption of 200mA.

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