A simple way to control the temperature!

The Mash Valve has a flammable gas sensor that can detect gas in the environment and stop the process if it leaks. And you are immediately warned on your smartphone, besides the LED on the Valve, indicate the leak through the color red.

You do not have to waste time installing or use specific tools, the Mash Valve is ready to use.

The Mash Valve comes with integrated 304 Stainless Steel Thermometer. The Thermometer can be used in thermal wells or with the Mash Position Regulator Handle, which comes with the equipment

Do more processes!

Using gas registers, you can use the same Smart Mash Valve to control 2 or more processes interchangeably. Just open the register and place the temperature sensor in the pan you want to control.

Use as many as you want!

The Smart Mash Valve operates independently, so you can control multiple processes with the same Smartphone simultaneously.

Control it all from your Smartphone

The Mash Valve is controlled and programmed by the smartphone through the Mash app. With the Mash app you create up to 1000 recipes, define mash process ramps and hop additions in the boil process, monitor everything going on in real time, and receive process notifications right on the screen of your smartphone or tablet.

See if your equipment is suitable for operation with the Mash Valve.

Real time Brass Simulation.

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