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Ecooler is a Disposable Thermal Box *

Produced in corrugated cardboard and internally cold rolled in BOPP.

Customize your Ecooler

The Ecooler is more than a cooler, it is a means to Leverage the sales of drinks and ice from your trade.

The dimensions and printing of your Ecooler can be customized. Contact us for more information on quantities, plates and sizes.

Its innovative cuts and creases provide the tightness and strength necessary for its usefulness.

Besides being 100% waterproof, Ecooler keeps the drink cold for 6 hours on average. Easy to carry.

Its development was thought in the duality disposability / practicality versus ecology / environment.

In addition to being 100% recyclable and 90.3% biodegradable, Ecooler becomes a trash bin for the collection of waste produced during its use.

Sanitizing (Peracetic acid 5%)

Food grade acid disinfectant with excellent sanitizing action and sporicidal activity. May be diluted with water and sprayed onto attachments.

Does not require rinsing.

Concentration: Dilute from 0,3% to 0,5% in cold or maximum temperature of 45 ° C. The recommended contact time is 10 minutes.

Minimal chlorinated alkaline detergent 4% active.

Liquid chlorinated alkaline detergent, low foaming.

Developed for cleaning brewing equipment, cooling tanks and pipelines.

Concentration: 25mL to 50mL of Liquid Alkalan for every 10L of water.

Descaling acid detergent.

Developed for the removal of scale from organic material.

Excellent for cleaning stainless equipment.

Usage concentration: 25 to 50mL of Clean Acid for every 10L of water.

Multi-fuel Hose for LPG / NG 9/16 (E) x 1/4 (I)

With a 1/4 “inner and 9/16” outer diameter, the High Pressure Hose fits perfectly into the Mash Valve.


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