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Walter Borelli Pölzl

brewmaster VLB – berlin & Master da Escola Superior Cerveja e Malte

The Smart Mash Controller Valve is accurate and the software will adjust and correct as it is used. It comes to end the uncertainty and large variation that occurs when heating is by direct flame. A step forward in home brewing control. Practical use and as you get to know the system, it gets better.

Juliano Segoa

Sommelier & Our first client

I met Smart Mash in a lecture on innovation in craft brewing processes in Blumenau – SC. I waited for the release and bought, since then I have no regrets and only have compliments. More repeatability, end product quality and accuracy. I recommend.

Michael Rafael


I have always used direct fire in the development of new beers for industry, but I had no accuracy in the ramps and so I believed in the Mash Valve project to give me precision, safety and process control, improving the quality and efficiency in my developments.

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